Established in 1999 Net Previa is one of the world’s most prominent Managed Services Provider with clients from twelve different countries including several Fortune 100 companies.

With highly qualified software engineers, security experts and database/ network administrators we build, host and manage the IT for Oil & Gas, Hospitality, Financial, Educational, Healthcare, Technology and Retail industry. Net Previa maintains a full fledged graphic design, user interface and digital imaging studio.

We operate two Tier1 data centers and carry a product line of servers, firewalls, software and other network accessories. Our home grown software include a eRSO, a managed academic research administration process and secureDATA, a secure data transmision platform for enterprise applications.

Our services further allow client enterprises to avoid the huge capital expenditure usually associated with assembling a qualified IT staff and purchasing the hardware and software components required. The company headquartered in Calgary Alberta Canada is profitable, financially stable and privately held.


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