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24x7 Mission Critical and Secure Server Hosting.
Net Previa boasts of a state of the art, fully redundant data center in the heart of Calgary, Alberta. Calgary, known as the best wired city in Canada, also has abundant power and no natural disasters. As a US client company, you will benefit from nearly a 40% discount due to the dollar exchange. Here are some of the key features:
  • Telco grade server facility

  • Multi homed with four Cisco 12000 routers

  • UPS grade power with 20sec generator response

  • 8 HVAC units with climate control

  • Inergen Gas fire suppression

  • 3 trap security

Your server is hosted in a secure facility that is accessed only by qualified level three technicians. The air is cleaned and circulated every two minutes and the humidity monitored.


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