The .net Abatis VPN Firewall is a home grown NSS certified software based firewall. The product can be configured to offer a branch to branch IPSEC VPN with a few clicks in our web managed interface. No knowledge of VPN's or IPSEC is required!

Most important, .net Abatis VPN/Firewall secures your network while maintaining a high-performance gateway connecting remote locations and employees to your corporate network.
  • Easy Setup - Under 10 mins to setup and use our IPSec VPN in minutes.
  • High Encryption - You may choose from 3DES, BlowFish, Cast, RC5-CBC and other encryption methods with a simple point and click.
  • No Certificates Required - .net Abatis VPN is designed to be easy to configure and maintain. We authenticate against a strong preshared key, the remote IP address and internal security parameters. Simple Strong security.
  • Remote Users - The VPN Server enables a high performance PPTP server, (compatible with all versions of Windows PCs) allowing a simple secure VPN connection to be established from a mobile or remote user back into the secured network. No extra client software to purchase or install.
  • High Performance - .net Abatis uses the FreeBSD integrated IPsec kernel. IP packets are evaluated at kernel speed making it one of the fastest and most scalable IPsec solutions in the industry.

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