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Managing a data center in your office premises can be a daunting task let alone having to wake up in the night to stop a determined hacker. To be able to do it right, one should hire highly qualified network administrators and build a Telco grade data center. For maintaining a good QoS(Quality of Service) the data center should be equipped with multiple carriers providing large pipes of data, routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, fire suppression, UPS and generators. Once the hardware is in place, it is a daily affair managing the security of your precious data. Performing backups, monitoring firewalls for intrusion detection, managing DNS and emails, monitoring hardware for failures and maintaining spares are all part of a managed offering.

Net Previa provides the following services that make infrastructure outsourcing a reality:
  • Upgrade and bring the local network in your office to par. We can connect your office and remote office on a premium fiber optic connection or ADSL/SDSL.
  • Connect any remote office locations to the corporate network 24 x 7 with very high encryption through the internet.
  • Allow field employees to access the corporate network though highly secure VPN connections.
  • Place your servers in a Telco grade data center with physical security, UPS conditioned power and diesel generators that are monitored round the clock. These centers are designed to maintain 100% uptime by peering with multiple data providers and enterprise class Cisco 12000 routers.
  • Secure your servers behind a Firewall and monitor the network 24 x 7
  • Provide managed DNS, managed switches, load balancers, backups with tape rotation, data sampling, 24x7 monitoring with response, maintain spares and parts for your hardware.

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