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Corporations big and small today outsource at least part of their IT infrastructure. Our services allow client enterprises to avoid the huge capital expenditure usually associated with assembling a qualified IT staff and purchasing the hardware and software components required. With competition fiercely intense, enterprises are experiencing pressures to develop profitable relationships with customers, partners, suppliers and employees. Now lets look at some benefits of outsourcing.
  • Helps enterprises deploy and manage customized solutions in a rapid and cost-effective way
  • Streamlines management driving new efficiencies and reducing costs of doing business
  • Minimizes downtime of your applications through reliable web hosting and management, preventive maintenance and proactive services
  • Security of your data is assured through constant monitoring and preventive maintenance
  • Provides a single point of contact for an integrated and complete end-to-end solution - one company, one phone call and available 24x7
Services offered:
  • Software Development - We support various platforms including Windows 2000, NT, Solaris, Linux, Free BSD, Palm OS and VxWorks. We specialize in writing code in C, C++, C#, Java, Visual Basic, Perl, PHP, ASP, ASP .net, XML & Javascript.
  • Database Administrators - Net Previa has a team of Microsoft, Oracle & IBM certified database administrators who can manage the integrity of your data and can service your SQL server, Oracle, DB2 and MySQL needs.
  • User Interface Design - Net Previa maintains an in-house graphic design group specializing in Flash, Director, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel, 3d Studio Max.
  • Managed Infrastructure - Net Previa operates and manages two Tier1 datacenters in Calgary Alberta Canada. We offer 24x7 Server Port and Performance Monitoring that alerts level three technicians 24 hours a day. Monitoring is done from N + 1 servers and notified through pagers, phones and email devices. Our networks are monitored from different parts of the world thus measuring the latency to Europe, Asia Pacific, North America and Latin American countries. We also provide managed DNS, managed switches, load balancers, backups with tape rotation, data sampling, 24x7 monitoring with response, maintain spares and parts for your hardware.

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