The last four years in business, we have built several enterprise class systems. We have hand picked a few excellent ones and decided to market them. All these products have been time tested for at least a period of two years. These applications currently in production have a very long list of satisfied customers. All of these products can be custom modified to fit your specific requirements. We license the source code for the software applications so you can modify and manage the application if you wish.


.net Abatis-VPN/Firewall

secureDATA allows the safe and secure transmission of data over the internet. A viable alternative to emails and ftp this software can be licensed by corporation, run on their internal network or managed and hosted by us. Security audits are available on every activity performed via this system. Applications include Oil & Gas, Academic and Healthcare just to name a few.

 A true NSS certified firewall with VPN, .net Abatis product line is the most easy to install and configure. This allows better SLA's in a datacenter environment. The product comes with a hardened kernel allowing IPSEC VPN, PPTP Server, Intrusion Detection, Bandwidth monitoring, NAT and easy to use web interface. Available as a software or packaged with hardware fully configured.

Net Previa manufactures both single and dual processor servers with SCSI and IDE RAID options offering comparable SLA's to IBM, HP and Dell. Customers from all over the world use NP's flexible lease plans. We have a 60 min response time with replacement for all parts in case of a failure. All spares are maintained on site. Your own hardware is also welcome for hosting.

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