"When your hosting company calls you to tell you that you have a problem before you realize it - that's service! I highly recommend Net Previa if you are looking for quality hosting."

Riyaz Moorani
Chief Technology Officer
Paragon Travel, Hong Kong

"As a software developer we designed our first website in-house, but Net Previa has now taken our Internet marketing to a new level. Their new design of our site allows visitors to quickly grasp our software products, and demonstrate the ways in which it can be adapted to meet a customer's precise needs. We know the site provides us with opportunities we might not otherwise get.

We continue to work with Net Previa to further develop our Internet marketing strategy."

Ashu Gandhi
WWQuote, Canada

"Mathew and the guys at Net Previa offer excellent support and are very flexible with dates and requirements. The server is 100% as specified and ongoing support from Net Previa has been very good. We will be using them for all our dedicated clients in the future. Great Job Guys, Thanks."

Chris Sanderson
WebStudio, Thailand

"Net Previa is a great managed service provider who handles full delivery & management of network -based services , applications, and equipment. A perfect choice for any e-business."
David Papp  
President & CEO
ZeroHype Technologies Inc, Canada

"Net Previa, our system integrator and strategic partner, allows us to fulfill our client's requirements in a timely fashion. I recommend them."

Dmitro Mikalov
Formweb, Ukraine

"Net Previa's ability to meet deadlines are first rate. The service and cost/benefit are tremendous and I would recommend them without hesitation."

Danny Deadlock
Investor Expo, Canada

"The quality of design for the site is superior, and shows a  professional touch, as well as a creative flare that I am sure will set us apart from our competitors." 

Ibrahim Hassib
Egypt Web Services, Egypt


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